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Daredevil Episode Guide
Blinded as a young boy by radioactive chemicals that supernaturally heightened his other senses, Matt Murdock hopes to defend the innocent and downtrodden of his hometown neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen by day as a lawyer. By night, he uses his superhuman senses to wage a war on the criminal underbelly as a masked vigilante.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Episode Guide
A failed superhero becomes a private investigator to make a quick buck after falling victim to a monster of a man with the ability to control minds. A year after getting free and believing the man dead, he resurfaces to violate Jessica’s life again. Though scarred and frightened, Jessica decides she’s the only one who can take a stand against him.


Luke Cage Episode Guide
A former imprisoned criminal with impervious skin and superstrength has to confront the demons of his past while figuring out his heroic future. Driven out of Hell’s Kitchen by the loss of his bar and the grim complexities of a romantic relationship with a woman who contributed to his wife’s death, Luke might just be the only line of defense for a threat against his native Harlem.


Iron Fist Episode Guide
Heir to a multinational conglomerate, Danny Rand returns to New York City after years “missing” in the land of K’un L’un. Mastering martial arts and the mystical power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to fight corruption and avenge his parents’ death.


The Defenders Episode Guide
A serious threat will bring the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen together to fight side by side.