Tyler Bates Checks into The Punisher Score

Frank Castle’s vicious spree of street vengeance gets its sound in galactic fashion.

Film Music Reporter reveals that composer Tyler Bates has landed the gig of scoring the first season of Marvel’s The Punisher. And like Frank in a gun fight, this is not Bates’ first rodeo with comic book properties.

A favorite of directors Zack Snyder, James Gunn, and Rob Zombie, he’s worked on 300, Watchmen, the Jason Momoa-led Conan the Barbarian, and Gunn’s comic book-inspired Super. In the way of violence, he supported both of Zombie’s Halloween reduxes, Snyder’s Sucker Punch and Dawn of the Dead, and lent a hand to the slate of composers on the Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino splatterfest Grindhouse.

The composer’s most recent work speaks well to what he can do with Castle’s story. Working with Joel J. Richard, he provided the backdrop to both John Wick films. He’s also the first composer to tackle more than one film in a given franchise within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, providing the consistent themes between Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Marvel’s The Punisher will drop all episodes on Netflix later this year in late fall.

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