The Punisher Begins Filming


Apparently, filming on Marvel’s The Punisher began today, October 3rd, in New York, according to set photos appearing on Just Jared.

Word came out from a convention a few weeks back that actor Jon Bernthal was going to reprise his role as Frank Castle, the violent, gun-toting vigilante known to the public as the Punisher, very soon. The assumption from a lot of quarters was that the character was likely to guest on another of Marvel’s series, with rumors split between Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. I’m not sure how many had money on his own series filming so quickly.

With Iron Fist winding down and Marvel’s The Defenders expected to start filming in November, it was unclear when The Punisher would step before cameras. An alleged slip-up with a title card for the series on Netflix back in August had the show arriving some time in 2017. With both the Danny Rand-fronted series and the team-up mini-series slated to drop in 2017, the timing left many scratching their heads.

To this point, Netflix has kept to offering just two Marvel series in a calendar year. Earlier this summer, the streaming service’s head honcho Ted Sarandos pondered aloud if they might expand that to three series. With Punisher given the thumb’s-up in April, as well as the greenlight on the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and the recently announced third season for Marvel’s Daredevil, three shows a year seems far more likely.

Bernthal’s first day on set features Frank Castle in a heavy beard and his hair grown out. There is no indication how much time will have passed between his last appearance on Daredevil and the start of his own series. It would be hard to rule out a cameo (or more) in Defenders, as well.

Filming is taking place in Brooklyn. No word on if the series is set there, but offering a different location than Hell’s Kitchen or Harlem would help to set the show apart.

More images over at Just Jared.


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