Punisher Gears Up in New Image

Frank’s geared up and ready to go in a new image from the upcoming Marvel’s The Punisher.

Today, Netflix and Marvel officially dropped the teaser trailer found as a completion surprise at the end of the Marvel’s The Defenders miniseries that premiered this past weekend. With the teaser, they also released our first official image of Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle in his white skull-emblazoned tactical gear.

If you recall at the end of Daredevil Season 2, Frank raided his old gunny’s weapons stash and took some white spray paint to a bulletproof vest before heading out to help “Red” fight the Hand with Elektra. From the image below, it looks like he’s stepped up his gear.

And another look at the official teaser trailer, which hints at the release date but coyly plays with Frank’s military background by labeling it “classified.”

Marvel’s The Punisher is anticipated to debut in November 2017.

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