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Original Airdate: 3/18/2016
Written by: Douglas Petrie & Marco Ramirez
Directed by: Phil Abraham
Created by Drew Goddard
Based on the Marvel comics by Stan Lee and Bill Everett

Cast of Characters


Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil
Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page
Elden Hensen as Franklin “Foggy” Nelson
Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher

Guest Starring

Royce Johnson as Sgt. Brett Mahoney
Rob Morgan as Turk Barrett
Susan Varon as Josie
John Bianco as Jimmy “The Bear”
Mario D’Leon as Leon
McCaleb Burnett as Grotto
Andy Murray as Nesbit
Cliff Moylan as Thomas
Stephen Lee Anderson as Cullen
Gregory Dann as Johnny
Dave McCrea as George
Patrick Brana as Alpha
Reza Salazar as Cartel Member Cop
Robert G. McKay as Homicide Detective
David Lee Russek as Medical Technician
Nnemoa Nkuku as Passer-by
Kerry Malloy as Tattooed Doorman
Agneeta Thacker as Teenage Girl
J.P. Groeninger as Tough Dude

First Appearance: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Grotto,


A heat wave is hitting the Kitchen. Daredevil sits on a rooftop listening to his city, waiting for a crime to break up. He hears a robbery in progress; masked men with steel cases run from cops. They shoot one of the cops. Another officer tries to take down one of the guys, but the guy gets the better of him. Before the masked crook shoots the cop, Daredevil takes him down. The Devil catches one of the other guys in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant and takes him out. He gets a third guy by smashing him into the windshield of a stopped car. The last guy grabs a woman and runs into a church. Daredevil takes him down just as the cops arrive.

Foggy and Matt walk along the street in the morning on the way to the office, Foggy complaining that he’s sore from a night of heavy dancing. He took a woman out on a date, which has Matt excited, but it wasn’t to be. She hugged Foggy goodnight and they won’t be meeting up again. Foggy complains that he could use Matt’s help as a wingman, even just for one night. Before Matt has a chance to argue, Foggy notices Matt bleeding from a scrape to the base of his skull, back of the neck. Foggy doesn’t want to talk about the horned red elephant on the street with them, which Matt is only too happy to oblige, but he mentions that Karen has been asking about all of Matt’s injuries. He’s made some peace with what his best friend is doing, but he’s worried what would happen if anyone found out, including to their law firm. He doesn’t want to go alone. Matt tells him about a woman who came to them for help the previous week regarding her abusive husband. They referred her to a shelter, which she was going to until the husband found out she was planning to leave him. The husband went after her at a bus stop, drunk and with a butcher knife, planning to kill her. Matt intervened, putting the guy in the hospital with broken arms and a restraining order. He has to keep doing what he’s doing, he insists.

At the office, Karen is waiting on clients. Foggy and Matt enter and she introduces their first appointments. On the way into a meeting, Foggy notes the fruit and pies that some of their clients have paid their bills with. She explains to them that their firm is broke. Matt assures her that something will come along to help them pay for everything.

A family of Irish heritage mobsters meets in the backroom of a club, grousing about Wilson Fisk getting in the way of their business. With Daredevil taking down Fisk, the Russians have become a non-factor, the Chinese skipped town, and the Yakuza have gone quiet. They figure they can take over the drug trade in Hell’s Kitchen. Nesbit, the seeming head of the group, prepares to smash a bottle of whisky across the top of one of the other lieutenants when he’s gunned down. Gunfire streaks through the windows, tearing into the group. They fire back, but the group is laid to waste. One survivor hid behind the bar.

Matt, Foggy, and Karen shoot pool after work at Josie’s bar. Foggy goes to the bathroom and Karen helps Matt to take some shots. It’s flirty and Foggy notices when he returns. Karen goes to the bar to get drinks, while Matt notices the fast heartbeat of a guy — the massacre survivor — at the bar who keeps eyeing Foggy and him. He shares with Foggy that something’s up and they note the guy is wearing a coat in the sweltering bar during a heat wave. Matt can tell he’s got a gun, but also that he’s keeping close to the trigger. He goes to the bar to confront the guy, who tells Matt he’s there to talk to them. Sitting down, the guy, Grotto, tells Matt, Foggy, and Karen about the hit on the mobsters, saying they were hit by an army. He wants them to help him get into witness protection and get out of the Kitchen, based on their reputation for helping people and taking Fisk down. Suddenly, he drops to the floor, bleeding out from a wound he took during the shooting.

At the club crime scene, the cops are trying to make sense of everything. One of the mobsters is missing his hand. Outside, Foggy and Matt run into Sgt. Brett Mahoney and try to get some details from the scene from him. Matt overhears one of the detectives talking about the nature of the bullets used and body armor the head mobster was wearing. Matt asks Brett why the guy would wear body armor to his own club. Foggy mentions they have a guy who might be able to offer insight on what happened. Brett reluctantly agrees to share information. He tells them about the DA’s office on fire over some paramilitary group that is hitting mobsters all over the city, but there is no evidence as to who the group is. Matt overhears that a biker gang called the Dogs of Hell was taken down last week by seeming the same group.

Grotto wakes up in the hospital with Karen by his side. He freaks, not wanting to get found out, and she tells him about the cover story she gave the hospital. He says she should go home, but she’s not going anywhere. Elsewhere, some gang members are trying to buy guns from Turk Barrett. Daredevil shows up and breaks it up. He tries to get information out of Turk about the paramilitary group. Turk says he’s got information from Riker’s Island about Fisk. Says that the Mexican drug cartel is bringing heavily artillery into the Kitchen to fight for what Fisk had.

Foggy shows up to the Dogs of Hell’s bar, saying he’s there to meet someone named Smitty. It gets him into the place, but a less than warm welcome. The bikers think he’s a cop and wonder how he knows Smitty; they were in 3rd grade together. They say he can’t see Smitty and take him out back. At the cartel’s warehouse, Daredevil investigates, finding the place eerily vacated. He eventually finds bodies of the cartel hanging on hooks with sides of beef. One of the guys is alive. At the bar, out back, Foggy finds out Smitty is dead. One of the guys is going to kill him but Foggy tells him they helped a biker named Hope. The guy decides to let Foggy go, but he wants to know what happened to Smitty. Smitty was on a smuggling run and was gunned down by a heavily armed group.

The living guy manages to tell Daredevil before dying that it isn’t a group attacking, but one guy. At the hospital, an armed man takes down the cops and makes way toward Grotto’s room. Karen grabs Grotto and runs with the armed man right behind. He keeps taking shots, but they manage to get outside to a car. The armed man has headed up to the roof and shoots at the car with a sniper rifle. He’s just about to kill Grotto when Daredevil attacks. They trade blows and the man knocks DD down. He gets away across the rooftops, but DD is up and pursues. They fight again and DD drops the man to the roof. Before the Devil can land another blow, the man pulls a gun from an ankle holster and says “Bang.” He shoots Daredevil, knocking him off the roof.



Foggy: You know, Karen’s been asking questions. The cuts, the scrapes, the bruises…
Matt: What do you tell her?
Foggy: You have a drinking problem.
Matt: That’s horrible.
Foggy: Well, it’s more plausible than you put on a devil suit and beat the shit out of strangers.

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